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Pamlico Library is non-profit
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tax deductible.

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How many doors has the public library opened for you? Planning a trip? The world in guide books is there for you. Need to make a home or auto repair? The DIY section is the tool you need to begin. Want a new recipe or to locate that old one that's lost? You'll find everything from French cuisine to down home cooking. And for some of us, the library has opened doors, through fiction, to worlds we know and those we want to know. To old friends and new ones, those we hate to lose contact with at the end of a really good book. Well, now we have an opportunity to open doors for the library. The Pamlico County Public Library Friends raised funds to provide the four front doors of the library with an automatic opening feature. We have many patrons that benefit from this, the elderly, parents holding hands of small children, those temporarily challenged physically, and those with hands full of books. With our new tax status, all of you donations of books or funds are tax deductible. We all can help. Please join us at the Friends meeting on the 1ST Thursday of each month (no meetings in July and August ). We meet at the library at 1:00pm. Hope to see you there.

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